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Mothersong Songbook, Coloring Book, Leader's Guide

For entertainment or livelihood, these songs will strengthen your connection with your baby, your family and the community you're all growing up in. This book has two parts. The Songbook has notation for 68 songs, melody and chords. The Coloring Book doubles as a Leader's Guide. All the artwork for 68 songs can be copied onto transparencies to lead your group with an overhead projector. Singing together with babies creates a culture of joy and tenderness.

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All That We Do Now
Ancient Mother
As I Breathe
Baku Mani
Breathing In, Breathing Out
Celebremos / Let's Celebrate
Come Come Whoever You Are
Dance Spirit Dance
Di Si Ni Senang
Do Ya Wanna?
Don't Give Up
Don't Miss This
El Sol
Every Little Cell
Follow the Motion
Get On Board
Grace in the Wind
Holy Mother
How Could Anyone
I Am Creative
I Fell Down
I Keep Feeling Your Love
I Love the Flowers
I Will Be Gentle with Myself
If You're Happy
In This Circle
Ise Oluwa
Jees Aneecha
Joy Joy Joy
Kee Lé Lé
Keepers of the Light
Love, Serve, and Remember
Loving is a Beautiful Feeling
Mother I Feel You
Mother of the Ocean
My Grateful Heart
Navajo Prayer
Noble Mother Earth (Duke)
None is Greater
Open Up and Let It Through
Plant Rap
Ring Out Sing Out
River of Birds
River of Love
Rocking Chair
Round and Round
Sending You Light
Senja Dedende
Shine Shine Shine
Simply Trust
Spirit of Peace
Standing Like a Tree
The Ocean Refuses No River
Tue Tue
Turn the World Around
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Where I Sit
Wi Na De Ya Ho
You've Changed


Mothersong - Joya Winwood
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